Dorset County Hospital Charity    
Jordans Jewellers are happy to support Dorset County Hospital Charity in the aim to raise 1.75million to improve services for cancer patients in Dorset.
Radiotherapy services are coming to Dorchester for the first time.  The 9 million partnership project between Poole Hospital and Dorset County Hospital Charity was set up following a major legacy from Poole businessman Robert White.
As part of this project, Dorset County Hospital Charity's Cancer Appeal is raising £1.75 million to improve services for cancer patients. 

Great News!  They have now reached £100,000, but they still have a way to go.  We have joined with them to help get the message out and invite everyone to get involved.

The latest initiative is the 5p Mile....  This is a simple and effective initiative and all you need to do is bring in all your 5p's and drop them in the bucket!  Couldn't be more simple!  So dig deep down the back of the sofa, in your old jeans and in the car for all those loose little coins, bring them into Jordans Jewellers or take them to the hospital, to make a real difference.
 For more details please visit or come into the shop and we can tell you more.  

There will be a Flash Sale from 6th January until 13th January.....  keep an eye out for those amazing bargains!

Latest fashion..
Who knew that the latest "Must Have" would be the tried and tested Marcasite Jewellery!  There are some absolutely beautiful designs in this range to include bracelets, earrings, brooches and necklaces.  A whole range of prices too, so have a look on Facebook for the photos or nip up to the shop as there is a gorgeous display in the window!

With cruising fast becoming the most popular style of holiday, we have invested in some rather dazzling new Cruise jewellery!  Rings, earrings and necklaces that have the look of real diamonds but are made of silver and cubic zirconia!  Unless you were a real expert, you can not tell the difference and the quality is amazing!

So many of you love to hear about the origin of stones, the history regarding jewellery and other interesting facts!  So, I have put together a small gallery of videos for you.  These will change periodically but do let me know if you have any questions.  I hope you enjoy x  ps  I also have some really interesting reference books if you would like to borrow any.


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We are always being asked about Pearls, especially as we are now stocking the most amazing range. With that in mind we have included this short video on how a pearl is made. Hope you enjoy!

South Sea Pearls and How They Are Produced

How To Tell If Your Diamond Is A Fake

How A Diamond Is Cut

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